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Defective Products
If you have buyed a product which is still within warranty period and is found to be deffective, you have the right to return the product to our company as we should cover the product's warranty. You can find detailed information regarding the Return Merchandise Authorisation process in our Warranties section.

Regular (Non deffective products)
According to our policy and terms of service, the customer has not the right to return purchased products from our company either if the original boxes are open or even if the products are intact in their original (manufacturer) boxes. For further information you can refer to our Terms and Conditions that any customer should accept prior to order. 

Withdrawal Right
Every customer, natural person (consumer) has the right to withdraw of its distance order contract within 14 calendar days. The right of withdrawal concerns every customer who can prove that he/she ordered the product for its own use and not for business purpose. If the customer picks up his online order from our premises, does not have withdrawal right. For further information regarding your possible withdrawal right, refer to our Terms and Conditions that any customer should accept prior to order. 


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