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General Information
Welcome to Waveform Networks. This is the e-shop of our Company WNC Waveform Networks Cyprus LTD which is placed at 1 Dramas str, shop 11, 1077, Nicosia, Cyprus. Our phone number is 00357 22000125 and our e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The following text includes several rules which concern every sale and service contract that takes place between our e-shop www.wnc.com.cy and each customer that logins on it. Every user–guest of our website is considered to agree with our terms and conditions and has to behave according to these terms while he uses the facilities and services of this website. Our company has the right to change its policy of terms whenever this act is necessary.
Our website handles only distance and off premises orders which means that our terms are written according to the European directive which concerns contracts with consumers that we don't meet face-to-face. In fact, that is also the definition of distance and off-premises orders. Through our e-shop our customer may place an order online provided he/she is a registered member. After his registration, he/she will receive an auto-reply e-mail that will inform him/her that by his new account he/she has the ability to: Review his/her account details, check his/her orders (past, shipped, pending or canceled), check the assigned prices of his/her shopper group, check a product’s warranty and apply for RMA online.
Our company will try hard to keep all the information on our website accurate and valid. However, Waveform still reserves its right to change website specifications at any time. Pictures, datasheets and external links of the products may differ sometimes as the manufacturers may change the specifications or the versions of its products. Waveform may also change at any time all product’s availability and price. Prices do not include technical support-installation costs and cost of shipments. 
Products’ limited warranty applies within our company which means that our company doesn’t cover any shipping cost that concerns the transportation of a faulty product to or from our premises. The product’s warranty period starts from the date of purchase and is valid according to the declarations of the official manufacturer of this product. Manufacturer’s warranty period for each product can be found at the bottom of product’s description tab in a special table.
The warranties of the products cover any defect in material under normal use (for example warranty doesn’t cover physical damage of a product) during the warranty period. During the warranty period, Waveform, will repair or replace products or parts of them that prove to be defective under proper use and maintenance, at no charge.
Waveform covers warranty for returning packages which include all the parts of a product and fully completed RMA procedures. Packages that do not comply to the above will be returned to the sender without warning. Waveform has the right to replace the faulty product with another refurbished.
RMA forms should contain specific, exact and analytic problem description. Our Technical Department will check devices only regarding the declared problem by the customer.
The warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by: conditions, malfunctions, overvoltage or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.
Our company has the right to charge technical inspection fee (that is 15€ including 19% VAT) if a product has been returned to us as defective but after our technical inspection is found that it operates properly or the declared problem description in RMA form was not found.
Withdrawal Right
Every customer, natural person (consumer) has the right to withdraw of its distance order contract within 14 calendar days. The right of withdrawal concerns every customer who can prove that he/she ordered the product for its own use and not for business purpose. If the customer picks up his online order from our premises, does not have withdrawal right.
In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us either by mail sending your filled withdraw form at 1 Dramas str, shop 11, 1077, Nicosia, Cyprus, either by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by sending us there our withdrawal form filled. As date of withdrawal is considered to be the day you notify us (using the above ways) that you exercise the right of withdrawal within the withdrawal period. 
If a customer decides to exercise its withdrawal right, Waveform must return, according to the European directive, all the payments which have been received from, including delivery costs (excluding any additional costs resulting from customer’s first choice for a different (not default) type of delivery, other than the cheaper standard delivery offered by Waveform), as soon as the withdrawal process is completed successfully. For this refund, Waveform, will use the same method of payment which the customer used for the original transaction. Waveform will not proceed to this refund, until the customer returns the product(s) to its premises and only if the product status is proper. The customer should cover all direct shipment costs of the products’ return.
If a customer returns used products, by exercising its right to withdraw, Waveform is entitled to charge him/her for any diminished value of these products. Thus, the customer doesn’t get a full refund. Moreover, Waveform will charge the customer with restorage cost which is 10% of the final value of the product(s) on the day of initial invoicing while minimum restorage fee is 8€.
Our withdraw form. Here
The only way for a customer to place a purchase order to our company is to place this order online on our website after self-registration of customer details as above. 
Online orders are valid for 24 hours. Waveform will never make reservations for orders that has not been fully paid. If no notification has been received by email for order payment, the unpaid orders will be automatically canceled after 24 hours.
Place your orders online on our e-shop. Start your registration, and fill in your customer details online by clicking “My Account” on our website. If you are an individual you should only fill in the fields: E-Mail, Username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Address 1, City, Zip/Postal Code, Country, State / Province / Region, Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax (optional). If you register as a company you should also fill in the fields Company Name, VAT ID, Sector Of Business and finally choose between the two options End User or B2B account. This information is necessary for us in order to handle your order. This information will be used only for this reason and Waveform declares that there will be no revelation to third parties. (further information can be found in our privacy policy). To complete your registration, you must first read and agree to our website terms and conditions text.
You can choose the products you wish to buy from our website by clicking “Add to Cart” button. After adding the products of your choice to your shopping cart, click the View Cart option and you will be redirected to the final step of your order, where you will be able to review the following bullets:
• The descriptions of the products you have chosen, as described in our pages (there will be link for every product to redirect you to product details). Attention! Don’t forget to review your choice! Waveform, has no responsibility for your final order. 
• Your invoicing information either for individual customers or companies
• Your shipment details (the final destination of your order). 
• The final price of the products you have chosen, including VAT if applicable and any additional shipping or extra payment charges. 
• The discount coupon code field (just in case you have a discount coupon at your disposal).
• The available shipping methods.
• The available payment methods.
• The field for notes and special requests.
• The special button “Order and Pay”
After placing your order successfully, you will receive an auto reply email message within a short period of time, on behalf of Waveform, confirming that your order has been placed successfully. 
You can pay for your order using the following available methods: 
1) Bank transfer 
2) Cash on delivery
3) Paypal 
4) Card (Debit or Credit)
5) Pay by cash upon order pickup. (You will receive 1% discount on your order total)
6) Cheque (Same Date) - This option is available only for Business customers (Companies).
7) Cheque (Postdated for maximum 30 days) - This option is available only for B2B customers (Resellers)
The ONLY available payment method within our company’s premises is to pay by cash upon order pick up. In all other methods of payment, please, make sure that we have received your payment for your order in full amount before coming to our offices for order pickup.

Please keep in mind our terms below, before you place any order: 
1) Order cancelation may be requested by the customer only before order preparation, invoicing and dispatch. The order cancelation request is valid only if the customer confirms its cancelation by sending an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In any other case the customer will be charged with the transportation cost. 
2) Waveform has the right to verify customer’s submitted details especially in orders that have been placed choosing “Cash on delivery” payment method. In case of failure the customer will be informed for the unilateral cancelation of its order. 
3) All standard products for online sale by WNC are in their original manufacturer packaging. The most important Waveform’s term concerning returns, is that a customer doesn’t have the right to return ordered products either open boxes or even not open boxes. The only acceptable term is the customer’s right of withdrawal which is written analytically above. 
4) The shipping method “Select your own transportation method” can only be applied to orders that are fully paid. Eventually, payment method “Cash on Delivery” is not compatible with this transportation method.
5) For orders that the selected shipment method is “Pick up your order from our premises”, the customer will be notified either via email or phone call that the order was processed, completed and ready for pickup. Only after this notification, the customer shall schedule the order pickup from our premises during working hours.
6) Orders that have been placed after 12:00 will be shipped the next working day. 
7) The warranty of each product is clearly declared in separate tables at the bottom of each product’s description tab. Please be sure you are aware of it before your purchase.
8) Waveform ships all orders to Cyprus and Greece mostly by courier Company Geniki Taxydromiki. After the shipment of each order an e-mail with the tracking number will be sent to the customer’s declared e-mail address.
9) Customers situated in Cyprus, placing orders over 60.00€ total Value benefit from free shipping cost, by choosing “Free shipping for orders of more than 60€” shipping method. 
10) Waveform has the right to surcharge the customer the exact amount that Waveform has been charged for a special way of payment. In any case the customer will be informed for this charge before placing its order online. 
11) Waveform will never make reservations for orders that has not been fully paid. If no notification has been received by email for order payment, the unpaid orders will be automatically canceled after 24 hours.
12) Waveform has the right to notify the customer via phone call or email about ordered products possible compatibility issues, availability issues etc. If it is not possible to reach the customer, the order process may be temporarily paused.
13) Business European Union Customers should declare their valid Vat ID in order to place orders with tax free prices. Waveform will proceed to VAT validation before processing such order.

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